As a real fashionista, we have to be at the forefront with the freshest, latest designs of shoes and sneakers. There are so many types of shoes style for us to collect and own. High-quality replica footwears are an excellent alternative to an original branded pair if you are seeking to save some bucks or if you cannot afford the authentic pair. 

Replicas are still quality shoes, although they are not at a similar level of quality of the original branded shoes. They are, however, dissimilar to ugly fakes or knock-offs. Many times, fakes or knock-off shoes of inferior quality are sold disguised as originals by unscrupulous sellers. Replica sneakers have been around for a while and are only getting better. You can read up reviews for some of the best replica shoes at AliExpress. 

Why choose a replica?

Apart from the low cost of the shoes, there are many other reasons why you may prefer a replica as opposed to the original designer pair. One motive is because you would rather use the money on other necessities, and another is that you are not sure whether buying the real branded shoe is worth your money. Trying out with a replica first can be a good idea.

Different levels of sneaker shoe quality

As stated, replicas are different, and others don’t even qualified to be called fakes or knock-offs due to their extremely poor quality. 

Low-tier shoes

The grade C replicas are the worst shoes with major flaws and differences which are easy to spot from a distance. They are likely to be uncomfortable, and you will be lucky if you can wear them for more than a month. You will feel that there is no insole when you are wearing them, so most buyers feel that it’s mostly a waste of money. If you buy a sketchy shoe like that, do not even attempt to wear it on a daily basis. 

There is the next category of shoes which is above the Grade C, the Super Perfect (SP) tier. This is a better quality shoe which will last you for about three months if you wear them occasionally. The insole is still almost non-existent and it is not the best bet for comfort. 

Next, there is the Super Max Perfect which is a mid-tier replica shoe. This shoe is much better in quality than the first two types and could last you up to 12 months.  The flaws are minimal, about two to three slight details that require close examination to spot. 

High-tier shoes

The highest tier replica shoes are the ones that are truly identical to the original shoes as they are made from similar materials as the original shoe. They may simply come from the same factory in China. The flaws in these kinds of shoes are really minor, and only an expert can spot them. At unprecedented quality, such shoes will usually last for about two years before they begin to let you down.

The cost of such quality replica shoe rises with their level of detailing. That is why you will find that some replica shoes are significantly pricier than others. Well we cannot expect much from a $20 shoe.

Wear your shoes with confidence

Not everyone can afford expensive shoes, although we all want to go with the trend and look good. Never allow shoes issues to interfere with your life. An excellent replica shoe can be just as good though. Remember you spent money on it too, and the least you can do is to wear it beaming with confidence. Go tiger!

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