Trail, jogging, running, marathon, all running enthusiasts know that it is essential to have good shoes. Shoes adapted not only to your foot but also to your running habits, you will of course ensure comfort, but also and especially safety, limiting the risk of injury. Prices, soles, comfort, here are some info’s to choose your running shoes.

A shoe adapted to your practice

Labels and sellers will confirm this; each running shoe model is well designed for different use.Trail shoes for running on difficult trails are therefore stiffer with crampons marked for maximum grip. If you prefer undergrowth and regular paths, prefer sneakers with very stable soles and good cushioning. Similarly, if you run in town or on the road, the cushioning will be your top priority.

This choice will also be tempered by the intensity of your training. One to two jogging a week, about 30 minutes, will not require you to choose high-end running shoes. As soon as you intensify your practice, more resilient models will be required. It is better to invest in a more expensive model than to have to change every six months. In addition, for short-distance competitions prefer lightweight running shoes. The use of the Nike Outlet Store comes useful there.

Shoes for your morphology

As you well know, we all have a different morphology. Our weight, the shape of our feet, the way we run, that is to say, to set foot and unroll on the ground, affect the type of shoes to choose.

Running is a traumatic discipline for our joints, cushioning shoes is a fundamental element, especially when you have a rather “heavy” morphology. If you have a few extra pounds, be careful about the quality of the insoles and cushioning in general.

In addition, we do not all run with the same part of the foot. Some rely more on the inside of the foot – pronator stride – and others on the outside – supine stride. The majority use the center of the foot – universal stride. To find out which category you are in, look at the soles of your old running shoes. The more marked wear will indicate your type of stride.

How to make the right choice?

Brands, prices, aesthetics, comfort, it isnot easy to decide in front of the variety of models of running shoes.

Many sports shops, specialty magazines and blogs offer tests and comparisons of the latest models (see here or there). They can give you a first indication. Same thing for the sizes , you will find on the internet many forums and comparators which will indicate you that this brand shoes small or on the contrary, that it is necessary to add two sizes to another one.

That said, nothing beats a fitting. Plan your running socks to evaluate different models “in real conditions”. Finally, if you are good in your sneakers, the easiest way is to stay true to the model that satisfies you.

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