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At Work: Neck: Short chains and neckpieces aren’t actually suggested for the office or, for that matter, any formal setting. But if you require putting on a chain with a pendant for religious or personal causes, ensure that it is sufficiently long to get conceal under your shirt, even when the first button is not done. Putting on a flat pendant is always far better. It won’t moderate bumps on your shirt or jacket.

Ties and Cuffs: Tiepins and cufflinks are contemplated rather old school, but for those who still put on them — and there are many who do — these are essential accessories that make more than a fine style statement. A pair of classic, jewelled cufflinks parts the boys from the men, and strained the leaders from the followers.

Hand: A single bracelet can be worn, but keep it smartly tucked under the cuff of your shirt. If you put on shirts with short sleeves, we advise you to abstain from wearing it at all — except, of course, you are a Sikh and put on a bracelet for religious reasons, which maximum companies permits. Whatever is the occasion, the time of the year and the cause for putting them on, red, black and other religious threads and non-religious bands should never be displayed at work, if at all they are worn. if you are looking for medical id bracelets check fashionable ones.

Fingers: Jewellery, particularly a ring, not only looks shiny, but can also be awkward — particularly when you are driving, working on a laptop, functioning machinery or even doing handshakes with a business associate. For men, putting on one ring is a little bit universally acceptable. Whether you wear it for love, luck or money, ensure it is not a metal covering for fingers. The easier and finer the ring, the sharper you look. If you put on precious stones, then turn the ring around so that the stone look towards you.

Wrist: Keep away wearing a jewelled watch to work, but you can specifically wear one after-hours, particularly for business networking. When we talk about watches the brand and the produce matter. Take the word for it — social climbers will every time take a secret look at the maker of your watch. More notably, you shouldn’t spend in a watch that looks good, charges the earth, but has persistent mechanical failures.

Ears: When one schedule uniforms and grooming instructions for companies, strict instructions are put in place not to wear the ear studs for men, unless the employees are from places and communities where it is traditional, compulsory and acceptable for men to put on ear studs — either in one or both ears. Be cautious, though, that in a universally competitive environment, religious connections are best kept private and personal.

The rule to go through: allow people to form the opinion about you by your work and not your religion or where you come from.